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Delicious is Spicy Orange at Veggie House


What is better than spending a wonderful night out with like-minded friends with encouraging, insightful, and positive conversation flowing all around? Perhaps when you are doing all of that and sharing a meal together at Veggie House. If you have not been to Veggie House, it is a fabulous place that has already become a sweet addiction of sorts for some.  It is all vegetarian but almost all vegan and under the skillful hands of Chef Kenny everything always looks and tastes so wonderful.

I have talked to so many people who I ask after I hear they had been back to Veggie House and I ask them if they tried something new and so many just remark how they always just order the same thing because it is so good!  I can understand that sentiment completely and I have to force myself not to do the same thing so I can at least have something new to write about after I visit there.

The place was packed as people were out celebrating the beginning of Chinese New Year.  We were glad to join in on the festivities.  After enjoying some WonTon Soup and some Miso Soup with my tea, I dug into some Spicy Orange Beef for the first time.  Now the Spicy Crispy Beef is one of my favorites there but this was a little different and was absolutely delicious.  I know it is not meat, and I don’t want it to be meat, but what it is…is fantastic and I will certainly be back for more.  Veggie House has become a treasure for us locals here in Las Vegas and I also recommend it to visitors coming into town and it never fails to please.  

Veggie House

5115 Spring Mountain Rd.

Las Vegas, NV. 89146


Hours:  11:30 a.m.-9:30 p.m. Daily


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